A Non Profit Organization


 Feeding OVER 4000 Community Members A DAY!

The boots on the ground are friends, family and neighbors meeting each other's needs after Hurricane Laura decimated our homes and businesses.  

No Food, No Electricity, No Water - NO PROBLEM!

Lake Charles Disaster Relief

Mayor Nic Hunter joins Michael Boyer at the Circle 7, one of the 5 feeding areas set up throughout SWLA.

Senator John Kennedy, Jeremy Stine, Tommy Senegal & Michael Boyer celebrate feeding over 10,000.  


This corporation's general purpose is to raise money to provide support, assistance, supplies, food, water, ice, gasoline, and other materials to residents of Southwest Louisiana who were affected by Hurricane Laura in 2020 and other natural disasters in the future


Nina P's, McDonalds, Circle 7, Stine's Lumber, Sams Wholesale, Sysco, Oasis Foods, Honey B Hams, Brian Hirsch, Dairy Queen, Popeyes, Paul's Rib Shack, Zeus Greek & Lebanese Restaurant, Rusty Noel, United Way of SWLA, Tito's Handmade Vodka, Marcelo & Terrell from Texas & Paige Vidrine with Buffi's Peauxboys. 

How It All Began

Michael Boyer, community leader and general manager at McDonalds, worked with the Nina P's family a day after Hurricane Laura made landfall. He decided instead of letting their food go to waste he would fire up the BBQ pit on their lot and feed the people. 

Little did he know that there would be an overwhelming amount of people without a place to stay, with no food, water or electricity. 

When the need is great the WILL shall follow. 

So he reached out for help and immediately donations and volunteers started flowing in. 

The operation grew quickly from one location to now over 5 and counting. 

The donations are being used not only to feed, but also to provide essential supplies that will allow the community members to put the pieces of their lives back together. 


Our vision is to continue to serve SWLA until the area is fully restored. After the restoration, we want to take our experience and our hearts on the road to serve other communities who are experiencing disaster in their areas. 

You realize you are born to serve, not because you are forced to, but because you are constantly led to. It's that constant leading towards the service of our neighbors that fuels our passion for life. 

We are dedicated to the greater good.

One Community  One Vision
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